Mission Statement:

The mission of the Plainville Public Library is to provide excellent service to meet the educational, informational, and cultural needs of Plainville's citizens through its collections and programs.


In 1894, the citizens of Plainville voted to establish a free public library, to be housed in the Town Hall (the Pierce Street building currently used by the Historical Society.) A new Library building on East Main Street was opened in 1931 and housed a collection of 4,813 books. By 1941, overcrowding on the main floor led to a relocation of the Children's Room to a redesigned space in the basement, but continued growth made a 1962 addition necessary. The new space housed the Children's Room, a meeting room and two floors of book stacks for adults. Three more decades found the library again bursting at the seams, and, in July of 2001, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to begin work on a new addition. A dedication ceremony on September 19, 2004 celebrated the opening of the expanded building, which features stack space for 128,000 books, three meeting rooms for use by the library and by community groups, and a colorful, spacious Children's Room. Focal to the renovation is the restored 1931 section of the building, with marble fireplaces, oak bookcases and pillars, and comfortable seating.

Library Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees consists of six members. Each serves a 6-year term with two members elected biennially at town election in November of odd-numbered years.

Board Member



(D) Kenneth Laska

8 Roseanne Lane

11/13 - 11/19

(D) Patricia Fongemie

30 Trumbull Ave.

11/09 - 11/15

(R) Nancy O'Toole

190 Tomlinson Ave 11-B

11/13 - 11/19

(D) Kathryn C. Lickwar

75 Metacomet Rd.

11/11 - 11/17

(R) Julia Underwood

4 Hittleman Court

11/09 - 11/15

(R) Jay Steeves

7 Dickman Rd.

11/11 - 11/17